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Digital Monsters

Enter the new Play to Earn game, and battle the most epic monsters!

Rise to the top with your Binamon, and earn a spot in the World Rankings!

Binamon Runner (launched)
Binamon Runner
Binamon MOBA
Binamon MOBA
Collect Binamons:
Collect Binamons
Binamon Lands
Be Part of The Play-to-Earn Movement
Be Part of The Play-to-Earn Movement
HODL the $BMON token, collect rare Binamons, battle monsters, and adventure! There are many ways to earn

The choice is yours
Collect binamons
Open Binamon packs to reveal your brand-new Binamon, with a chance for ultra-exclusive Binamons. Use them to play, trade your Binamons, or stake them to earn $BMON tokens.
Put your Binamons against other players for a chance to earn $BMON.
Play & Earn
Earn BMON-Z1 token by playing every single day in Planet Crypton, or sit back and relax while your Binamons earn you passive income.
MOBA Multiplayer Game (coming soon)
Explore a 3-D Metaverse to trade, play, upgrade, and even explore new planets.


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